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How To Reference Internet Quotes and Information

Added 18 of February 2009 (1179 views)

The Internet has changed many aspects of our everyday life. It has invented rules that have not been in place very long. Some of these rules have to do with how to cite information or a quote. Since the Internet has led to so many people communicating and lots of information is constantly being exchanged, you may at some time find the need to use a quote from a blog, forum, chat, list serve or bulletin board. Are you confused on how to reference these items in MLA or APA and Chicago style format? Here are some guidelines to help you reference those items.


authors last name, first name. "title of entry" type of post. title of web log italicized. posting date ex.12 May 2004. site sponsor. date of access.

authors last name, authorís initial. (date of post ex. 2005, June 12. Title of posting entry). title of web log italicized. Site sponsor. date of access ex. retrieved June 4, 2005

footnote number. Authorís last name, "title of post."

Forums, Chats, Listserves and Bulletin Boards

authorís last name, first initial. "title or subject line" type of post and date posted. name of discussion group and date retrieved ex.12 Apr. 2007.

authorís last name, first initial. (posting date ex. 2006, April 11). title or subject line and date retrieved from web address

footnote number. authorís last name, "title or subject."

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